Yoga and much, much more

Our Teachers

Deborah Douglas - Certified Yoga Instructor

Deborah began her journey on the path of Yoga in 1974 under the tutelage of Lex Gillan, founder of The Yoga Institute.  At a young age, she felt the desire and pull to help others better themselves through exercise, stretching and meditation.   She continued her yoga practice daily on her own and with other instructors, John Coons & Mary Blanchard to name a few.  And over the years went to numerous retreats and workshops.

Also in 1974, she began her training in an Okinawan style of Karate called Shorin Ryu.  As these two paths intertwined and she began to teach karate, she incorporated a lot of the Yoga stretches and positions into her karate warm ups.  She went on to achieve the title of Renshi (6th degree black belt) and became a direct student of Shurgoro Nakazato of the Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan in Naha, Okinawa.  After 30 years of training and teaching, she retired in 2007 but her desire to teach and help others never diminished.

In the Summer of 2012, she decided to pursue her desire to continue to teach but not in karate, in Yoga.  She contacted her original instructor, Lex Gillan to see what she needed to do,  and to her surprise, he had sold all his studios and had founded the Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification Course, which she signed up for immediately and received her certification in October 2012.

She is now the proud owner of the Yoga Mix Studio LLC located at 2601-G Cartwright Road, Missouri City, Texas 77459.  She also offers classes in Tai Chi, and  Zumba.

Deborah is also available for private and buddy sessions at the studio and off premises.  Call (281) 969-8175 for rates and times.

Greg Illich- Taiji

Greg Illich has more than 25 years experience in various Taiji forms with a focus on improving health. He began his Tai Chi studies with Master Nguyen Cao Thanh in 1986 at the University of St Thomas, and learned the Yang Style Long Form.  He currently teaches the Secret Yang Style which he learned under Master George Hu. Greg also has experience in other various forms including Chi-Kung, Taiji Long Sword, Hsing-I, Bagua, Baji, Chinese Wrestling, Northern Shaolin, Chinese Saber, and Western style epee fencing. Visit Greg's Website