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by Anne M. on yogamixstudio

I think Deborah is a treasure! The essential oil blend has helped me so much with my allergies. I have been able to use the oils and the inhaler to manage my allergies.  No Pharma!  We are so lucky to have her in Missouri City.  I also highly recommend a session of Reiki healing.  I really enjoyed my session with Deborah and I received many health benefits from it!  

by Bev on yogamixstudio

Yoga Mix classes are excellent. The arthritic blend of oils has worked so well, I don't have to take any other pain relief! Check it out.

by Heather Sievers on yogamixstudio

Yoga Mix Studio is a hidden gem in Missouri City. Deborah's yoga class offers the best energetic experience for mind, body and spirit. Her studio is a haven of peace and tranquility!
I love all the services that they offer at Yoga Mix Studio!!

by Paige on yogamixstudio

I'm 45 and had recent health issues limiting me from traditional workouts but I wanted to try and start to rebuild my stamina and energy and get more toned so I started lessons with my daughter. Deborah has been amazing and we look forward to our classes each week. Since starting I've felt renewed, energized and surprisingly I've been able to do much more that I thought I could. Deborah is so positive and always smiling! We love Yoga Mix!

by Joey on yogamixstudio

I am 63 years of age, new to Yoga, and thoroughly appreciate the benefits of it. I feel great and can now bend more than I have bent in the past 30- 40 years.

Deborah is a remarkable instructor - ever so kind, patient, helpful, and encouraging. The meditation, at the end of the lesson, is equivalent to the relaxation from a glass of wine. As a holiday gift, my children gave me Yoga lessons. It's been the best gift ever!

by Priscilla on yogamixstudio

I started to take Deborah's class in Nov. of last year and after only one month, I started to notice the changes in my body, mind and spirit. I have done yoga in the past but I stopped doing it for many years and wanted to start once again. I found Deborah to be a a knowledgable patient instructor with a wonderful personality. And although I am no longer taking her class, unfortunately, due to the fact that I've relocated, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in taking yoga for the first time or wanting to restart to join Yoga Mix Studio.

by Scott W. on yogamixstudio

Nice personal touch

by Leah P. on yogamixstudio

I am new to yoga and Deborah has been very helpful. I have felt comfortable attending class since the first time I went. Try it you will like it.

by Joy D. on yogamixstudio

I had never done Yoga before Deborah. She was a fantastic teacher and had the patience of a saint with a total beginner. I will not hesitate to go and join her yoga classes again. I have a problem with balance and "Thanks" to Deborah and Yoga I know how to work on it.

by Amy S. on yogamixstudio

I love the classes at Yoga Mix studio. I am a personal trainer and have been involved in fitness for 10 years. Deborah's class is my absolute favorite yoga class, and I have been to many different yoga classes over the years. She is very knowledgeable and motivating, and the other students are very friendly as well, like a family!

by Jackie M on yogamixstudio

I love Deborah Douglas at Yoga Mix Studio. She is a fabulous instructor who goes out of her way to work with each person individually even in a group setting. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have to adapt some poses and she is always ahead of the game on that telling me what I can do in lieu of another pose. There are many other Yoga Studios around but I highly recommend Deborah.

by Jackie N on yogamixstudio

I love the classes. The instructor is very passionate and experienced. She makes the class enjoyable for everyone no matter what level of study you are with the various asanas and modifications if needed.

by Connie on yogamixstudio

When it comes to exercise I need some inspiration. Deborah has the ability to teach classes for all levels. She encourages students in a positive caring atmosphere. Even my anti-exercise husband enjoys it!

by Minerva on yogamixstudio

“I’m stretching for my health with Debbie’s help.”

by Tony on yogamixstudio

After my first yoga session with Deborah I left feeling fully energized, calmer mood, and overall like a young kid again. Deborah’s yoga workouts are great and highly recommended.