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by Donna Golemi on yogamixstudio

My first Reiki session with Deborah: I experienced deep and complete relaxation. She possesses the skills and attributes mentioned in other reviews. Her dedication to healing through Yoga, Tai Chi, essential oils and Reiki is evident. I plan to include Reiki in my plan of self-care. I recommend her, for whatever service you might choose, with enthusiasm.

by Nat on yogamixstudio

Deborah is a very sweet person. I left her studio in a very peaceful frame of mind after a Reiki session. The environment was calm and relaxed.

by Lee Anne on yogamixstudio

I have always been looking for a TRUE basic yoga class.This studio and Debbie are the REAL deal! The studio and calming music are so wonderful. Debbie taught the class at a wonderful pace explaining the poses.The studio smells so amazing from the essential oils.I have been to a few yoga studios but the music was too loud and pace too fast.The experience with Debbie was truly holistic;mind,body,and spirit.I look forward to going again soon!

by Donna G on yogamixstudio

Deborah is my source for essential oils. She is so generous with her time. She educates you about the properties and uses of the oils, and includes written summaries with each one. I enjoy her sharing information about crystals also, and her email showcasing of Asanas is invaluable.

Her spirit shines through and her manner shows she "practices what she preaches."

by Joanne G. on yogamixstudio

I have been fortunate to experience Deborah's Reiki healing, her aromatherapy, Tai Chi and Yoga sessions at different times this past year. Each service has been masterful and has impacted my life in very positive ways.

by Connie W. on yogamixstudio

Dear Deborah,

I hope you are doing well and good luck in future endeavors.
I will never forget your inspirational yoga teaching. Can also truly say no one else comes close to your devotion to students and sincere positive attitude.

All the best,
Connie Washko

by Natalie D. on yogamixstudio

I tried my very first Reiki session with Deborah recently. I was unsure of what to expect, but she made sure to walk me through the session before getting started. I left relaxed and uplifted. Thank so you so much, Deborah! I highly recommend giving Reiki with Deborah a try!

by Anne M. on yogamixstudio

I think Deborah is a treasure! The essential oil blend has helped me so much with my allergies. I have been able to use the oils and the inhaler to manage my allergies.  No Pharma!  We are so lucky to have her in Missouri City.  I also highly recommend a session of Reiki healing.  I really enjoyed my session with Deborah and I received many health benefits from it!  

by Bev on yogamixstudio

Yoga Mix classes are excellent. The arthritic blend of oils has worked so well, I don't have to take any other pain relief! Check it out.

by Heather Sievers on yogamixstudio

Yoga Mix Studio is a hidden gem in Missouri City. Deborah's yoga class offers the best energetic experience for mind, body and spirit. Her studio is a haven of peace and tranquility!
I love all the services that they offer at Yoga Mix Studio!!

by Paige on yogamixstudio

I'm 45 and had recent health issues limiting me from traditional workouts but I wanted to try and start to rebuild my stamina and energy and get more toned so I started lessons with my daughter. Deborah has been amazing and we look forward to our classes each week. Since starting I've felt renewed, energized and surprisingly I've been able to do much more that I thought I could. Deborah is so positive and always smiling! We love Yoga Mix!

by Joey on yogamixstudio

I am 63 years of age, new to Yoga, and thoroughly appreciate the benefits of it. I feel great and can now bend more than I have bent in the past 30- 40 years.

Deborah is a remarkable instructor - ever so kind, patient, helpful, and encouraging. The meditation, at the end of the lesson, is equivalent to the relaxation from a glass of wine. As a holiday gift, my children gave me Yoga lessons. It's been the best gift ever!

by Priscilla on yogamixstudio

I started to take Deborah's class in Nov. of last year and after only one month, I started to notice the changes in my body, mind and spirit. I have done yoga in the past but I stopped doing it for many years and wanted to start once again. I found Deborah to be a a knowledgable patient instructor with a wonderful personality. And although I am no longer taking her class, unfortunately, due to the fact that I've relocated, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in taking yoga for the first time or wanting to restart to join Yoga Mix Studio.

by Scott W. on yogamixstudio

Nice personal touch

by Leah P. on yogamixstudio

I am new to yoga and Deborah has been very helpful. I have felt comfortable attending class since the first time I went. Try it you will like it.

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